Veterinarians in Cincinnati OH

Veterinarians in Cincinnati OH

Veterinarians in Cincinnati OH help pet parents keep their pets healthy. They strengthen the human-pet bond by tailoring wellness plans to each pet’s needs. They also help pets live longer, healthier lives.

This two doctor veterinary practice provides traditional veterinary services for dogs and cats. They offer annual vaccine and wellness visits, dentistry, surgery, in house diagnostics, dermatology, and daytime urgent care.

Heineke Veterinary Hospital

Founded in 1991, Heineke Veterinary Hospital is a multi-generation family practice owned and operated by Dr. Barry Heineke and his sons. Their team of veterinarians offers a wide range of traditional veterinary services as well as advanced therapies including platelet rich plasma therapy, stem cell treatment, and laser therapy. They also provide comprehensive wellness visits, geriatric care, dental and surgery services as well as in-house laboratory testing and x-ray equipment. They offer onsite boarding for short and long term stays as well as grooming services. They are also dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond and promote responsible exotic animal pet ownership. Their 7,000 square foot state of the art facility is designed to be both pet friendly and comfortable. Their services are available five days a week.

Hillside Small Animal Hospital

With a staff of tenured veterinarians and exceptionally caring support teams, Hillside Small Animal Hospital offers a full range of traditional veterinary services. The clinic also specializes in the care of exotic pets including birds, rabbits, reptiles and pocket pets. The hospital is dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond through responsible exotic pet ownership and honoring past pets with an onsite memorial garden.

With a focus on preventative medicine, this two doctor practice has been serving pets in Cincinnati since 1976. Available veterinary services include annual wellness and vaccination visits, dental care, surgical procedures, emergency care and hospitalization, in house diagnostics, dermatology and pain management. The practice is also certified as a Fear Free Practice and offers convenient telemedicine appointments and flexible payment options.

The team at this cat and dog clinic treats their patients like family members, and they work hard to strengthen that bond. They offer high quality and affordable veterinary care, and they also offer convenience services like boarding and grooming. The hospital is also a member of the Good Samaritan Fund, which helps pets with unexpected medical costs.

Cincinnati Animal Medical Center

The veterinary services at Cincinnati Animal Medical Center are affordable and compassionate. Their goal is to strengthen the bond between pets and their people by providing wellness and treatment options tailored to each pet’s needs. They have a strong background in emergency veterinary care and work with rescue groups to help family pets and feral animals.

Cincinnati Animal Medical Center is located at 8350 Plainfield Rd in Cincinnati and has been in business since 1987. They offer general vets services, such as vaccinations, dental cleanings, spay and neuter surgeries, and x-rays. They also have a 24-hour emergency call center for any animal-related emergencies.

The doctors at MedVet Cincinnati are experienced in many types of veterinary procedures, including cardiac ablation, an advanced procedure that saved Lucky’s life. They also treat cancer in dogs and cats using surgical, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments. They have a team of oncologists, including surgeons, radiologists, and oncology nurses, to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet.

Plum Street Pet Clinic

This small animal vet hospital in Cincinnati offers pet wellness exams, veterinary surgery, pet dental care and advanced diagnostics. It also offers pet boarding for short and long term stays. The staff is trained in low-stress patient handling techniques to provide pets with a relaxing visit. They accept most pet insurance plans and offer payment solutions like CareCredit to help pet parents afford unforeseen medical expenses.

Dr. Bob is passionate about supporting pet owners and their efforts to raise happy, healthy pets. He shares this commitment through his monthly articles in The Northsider newspaper and on a weekly radio show. He is also a member of the local cat rescue group.

Plum Street Pet Clinic is a full service animal hospital that serves pets in downtown Cincinnati, Soapbox District and northern Kentucky. The practice offers pet wellness exams, pet vaccinations, veterinary surgery, pet dental care and acupuncture. The facility is equipped to handle a variety of exotic animals.

Lewis Animal Hospital

Lewis Animal Hospital offers laser therapy to help relieve pain from arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other conditions. This treatment is drug-free, safe, and comfortable for pets. The staff also works with pet insurance providers to help clients afford necessary medical treatments for their animals.

The facility has a boarding area that provides a clean and safe place for your pet to stay while you’re away. The facility requires that all canine boarders be current on their rabies, distemper, adenovirus, parainfluenza, parvovirus, bordetella, and canine influenza vaccines. They also require that all feline boarders be current on their rabies, panleukopenia virus, rhinotracheitis, and calicivirus vaccines.

Maddie is a veterinary assistant who has worked at Lewis Animal Hospital since 2020. She has a bachelor’s degree in animal biology and is working on her vet tech certification at Sinclair Community College. She lives with her two dogs and one cat.

Woodridge Veterinary Hospital

The Woodridge Veterinary Hospital is a full service animal hospital that welcomes both emergency treatment cases and pet patients who are in need of routine medical, surgical, and dental care. They also offer pet grooming services. The clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dr. Legorreta has extensive training in veterinary radiology, oncology, orthopedics, and alternative treatments. He is a member of the Cincinnati and Ohio Veterinary Medical Associations as well as the Laser Institute of America and the Veterinary Cancer Society.

The veterinarians at Woodridge Veterinary Hospital are highly qualified and provide compassionate care to their clients. They are also dedicated to preventing pet diseases, and they provide regular preventative health exams for your dog or cat. This will help your pet live a longer, healthier life. They also accept a variety of pet insurance plans, including CareCredit and Scratchpay.